I’ve held off on starting a blog for the past eight years and I finally caved (I’m a sucker…I know). If you’ve made it this far on my website you know that I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to photography, design, traveling and coffee. If you are interested in any of these things I’m sure we will get along just fine and you might enjoy some of the content.


The goal of this blog is to be a creative outlet and to share some of my recent projects and adventures. I’m also hoping to practice some writing skills. When I was younger I though writing was my strongest skill set. I loved reading adventure novels and writing down my own little adventures. I loved it so much I thought I was going to either be a bad ass international journalist, an author or a teacher. Then I got to the University of Oregon. After my first class in Writing 101, my professor sat me down and told me that if I don’t take tutoring lessons in writing, I’m sure to fail out of college. That was the reality check I needed, but ever since then writing for public viewing has given me anxiety. I’m still baffled that I graduated with a Journalism degree and didn’t died from numerous panic attacks that happened to me throughout those years. A bit dramatic I know, but still true. So here I am.


With the new year approaching, it’s a bit motivating to take on a new project and this blog will be part of my growing process. You will see my failures. You will see my struggles. But more importantly I hope you will see my growth. Enjoy!


Alicia G.