Branding Questionnaire 

The following questions will help me hone in on the unique branding elements of your business. We will go over these questions and your answers together to clarify and identify your branding elements in the consultation meeting, which I will contact you and schedule once you have submitted this form. Enjoy!

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Mailing Address
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Feel free to write as much as you like. Keep in mind the more you tell me the more I’ll understand you and your company.
Please provide a general statement about your services. Then, list your specific services with a description and any important details like rates.
How did you decide that you wanted to run your own business? Was there a specific moment and if so, please describe it below.
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Describe your target demographic.
Describe their values, interest, etc.
Please try your best to use adjectives. I'm looking for describers, not verbs or nouns, to help me understand the "feel" of your company.
Try to be as concise as possible and write as if your describing your company to a possible client.
Branding Style Section
These next set of questions you don't have to answer if you don't know yet. They are simply here to give me a better understanding of your style.
List them and explain why.
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Thank you for answering these questions! I know these can be tough to answer and may seem unnecessary, but they will help me better understand you and your company. Cheers! -Alicia G.